Peter Richmond

Peter Richmond
Chief Executive of Pioneer Group

Peter is Chief Executive of Pioneer Group, created in 2015 with a mission to develop innovative housing and people-led solutions that will enable communities to thrive in a fast changing world.

Pioneer grew out of the acknowledged successes of Castle Vale Community Housing Association (CVCHA) whose resident-led approach on one of the UK’s largest and most deprived housing estates has transformed thousands of lives and created a neighbourhood where people are proud to live.

Peter believes that, when it comes to social housing, one size does not fit all. Innovative housing solutions alone do not create a community; only by tapping into community potential and delivering the tailored support sought locally was well, will neighbourhoods be able to thrive.

Peter has a long track record in the housing sector with specific knowledge of strategy, community governance and neighbourhood management. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing. He was Chief Executive of CVCHA (and Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services) and led them through the strategic review which led to the setting up of Pioneer and its broader geographic remit.