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Welcome to the Birmingham Child Poverty Action Forum blog, where it is hoped that it will enable debate, discussion and most of all encourage action to reducing child poverty in the city.

Shockingly, 38% of Birmingham’s children and young people live in poverty, which is not only unacceptable but not what people necessarily want to talk about. 

As a city, we don’t need to just talk about it, we need to shout about it and do whatever is needed until the figure is dramatically reduced and gives our children and young people a positive productive future in their home city.

“The approach to tackling child poverty is not just focusing on children and young people. It is the whole family.”

The members of the forum are committed to encouraging change not only inside their own organisations, but within networks, groups and communities around them no matter how big or small.

Understandably the current economic climate means that many organisations are finding it hard to adjust how they operate, putting pressure on them to provide services to people who live, work and play in Birmingham which is of a quality that doesn’t leave the most vulnerable without access to much needed support.

There is also the added pressure on organisations to offer their employees a decent standard of living (including wages, family flexibility, stability and much more), which not all can do.

Birmingham as a city continues to face many complex challenges to sustain growth in every respect. But what is clear, is that city as always is committed to adapting and working together to find ways to overcome them.

The Birmingham Child Poverty Action Forum welcomes you to join them in continuing to make positive changes to reduce child poverty in the city. Why not Contact us with your ideas, thoughts, films, images and best practice.

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