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lived experience of poverty

Statistics and data on child poverty are widely available and outlined in the Birmingham Child Poverty Needs Assessment. Equally, capturing the lived experiences and insights into the views of poverty can help to illustrate the factors the hold back opportunities. To help the Commission shape it’s  recommendations to tackle Child Poverty in Birmingham, an extensive series of conversations took place across the city.

54% of parents believe their children will have a worse life than them…

Listening to those who experience or have experienced hardships can help shape policy and practice that is relevant to children’s everyday lives, and engaging the right organisations who can help.  Also important is to understand from expert practitioners about what services are already delivered in the city, how effective they are and how can we learn and scale up good practice.

Some children are bullied because they wear old clothes, like passed down from their brother or sister


my teacher said that most of us in our class would end up on Crime Watch

Who did the Commission engage

To help formulate and design actions which reduce child poverty the Commission listened to young people and parents to get a better understanding of the lived experience of poverty; as well as expert opinion from community and voluntary organisations, statutory services and private sector. Listening to those who experience or have experienced hardships gave an understanding of the narratives that play out across the city while at the same time allowing participants to suggest solutions.  Similarly, learning from expert practitioners from grass root organisations about services already delivered in the city, how effective they are and how we can learn from their experience.

A series of evidence gathering sessions attended by hundreds of participants sharing their experiences, views and ideas through social media, focus groups and meetings help shape the Commission’s findings and recommendations.

For more information on the Child Poverty Needs Assessment for Birmingham, please follow the link

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